Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holly Jolly

It's that time of year, and I LOVE it!!!! I love the feeling - all the baking.....and the family time!!

Here's some of what's been going on:

Thursday, September 30, 2010


I know it's been a really long time since I've posted - I thought I'd do a few shots to see from start to finish:

Well actually I was bigger than this below picture - after having 2 kiddos back to back - I was in the 180's +..........I went to a "diet" doctor and lost around 30-40 lbs.

This first picture is on my annie - June of 2009 I was around 170ish here. These jeans were a size 13, but I could wear 11/12.

Annie - June 2010 I was around 150 here I beleive or upper 145ish. These pants are a 9/10

Most resent picture - working out with the hubs - this was a couple of weeks ago - 138lbs Wearing size 7/8, some 4's.......I can wear some 9/10's (have to be that tight stretchy material - thrown in the dryer - ha ha).
Still feeling great :-) Got my bench press up to 105 max - woot I'm very proud, but most of all I feel wonderful!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thoughts and Prayers

Thoughts and prayers going your way

Friday, June 11, 2010

~Don't be aaaaahhhhh Tummmmmble weeeed~

HOWDY Partners!!!

First I want to give you guys a little bit of an update on the 'weight' front. I have lost a total of 25 lbs WOOT! BUT I have lost more inches than anything - possibly gaining some muskles ;-) I fit into my 'goal' pants....and now they are getting very lose on me!! But I'm really not losing any more there comes in the losing inches. I'm EXTREMELY happy with my progress.

I can now Bench Press a whopping 95 lbs - BIG feet!! I cannot quite get that 100...I get half-way up and get stuck and Yell for the hubby to come help. I'm still working out about 5 days a week and I'm still loving it.

NOW on to other things......this coming up week is our VBS!!! Saddle Ridge Ranch!! I'm sure most churches are doing this theme. I'm doing crafts again this year (this is the most fun job!).

The kiddos and I went up and decorated our room....I have the biggest because I have to handle all the kids coming through.

Here we go:

We have the train in our room from a previous I used that in part of our theme - I made the Saddle Ridge Train Depot!!

Made a fence...put in some catus'

I took pictures of all the teachers and made "wanted" are the girls - I also made new signs for the restrooms (cowgirls/cowboys).

Another view of the room....put the tables in a 'horse shoe' shape'. I also hung red and blue cowboy hates from the ceiling.

Another view of the Train Station...made a window for the ticket booth ;-)
I cannot wait...I love VBS!!!!!! Head'em up...Move'em out!!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch - You know I LOVE you!

Seven years ago today I married the love of my life - the man of my dreams. He has made my life complete. I have truly enjoyed my life with him. No matter what we've been through, we have stuck by each other's sides.

Jerimy has always supported me in what ever I have wanted to do. He has always been there for me. I feel like I love him more and more every day.

I am so happy to be his wife, and the mother of his beautiful children. I am so very blessed. I have a wonderful Christain man in my life.

These years have flown by, it seems like yesterday......thank you so much honey for blessing my life. I love you with all of my heart...always and forever.

Happy Anniversary - your blessed - loving wife, Amy

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mothers Day

Every year we always have a Mother/Daughter Banquet. But alas this year - I was told by a certain's not Mother/Daugther....It's a Mother's Day Banquet. Because someone may get offended....all Mother's do not have daughters.

OFFENDED you's Mother/Daughter Banquet because YOU are either a mother or a daughter!!! (DUH) The more I think about this the more it just irratates me. Every lady that comes doesn't have a child........but she is the daughter of someone. ummm RIGHT??

To top things off...this same person CANCELLED our Banquet (Tuesday) decided she just didn't feel like doing it. Seriously - what gives you the right? So a bunch of us ladies have gotten together and we're going out to eat tonight - I write a poem every year for Mother's Day - usually for my mom's banquet, and for ours. This year...I've made each individual lady a poem - decorated it, then lamenated it. This is for you MISS lady:


God has chosen our path;
Mother, daughter – friend.
He has written our stories,
From beginning to end.

We all have a journey,
A path to guide our way;
We just need to listen
To what our Lord has to say.

Our lives set before us
Mother, daughter – friend.
We may not have chosen,
But we have a love to never end.

We are each one
Different but the same;
He has chosen for each,
Such a specific name.

Which one are you;
Friend, daughter – Mother?
All of us made from Love -
Our lives like none other.

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Mother's Day!!!!!! You are all very awesome!!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Here comes Peter Cotton tail.....well he's went anyway.....

I know...I am WAY behind!!!! I'm just posting Easter Pictures!!

Ok on the weight loss front....I have lost about 18lbs.........but my big thing is - I've lost 2 inches in my thighs, 1 1/2 inches on my calves, and 1 1/2 on my biceps!!! (I didn't measure my waist, but I can just tell in clothes I've lost inches there - wish I would have measured that as well - at the start) I've still been working out 5 days a week - I take 2 days during off. Usually Sunday and Wednesday's. (Just hard with church).

But I'm doing really well, and I'm still enjoying it!!! Not so afraid of bathing suit time!!!

Without further aaaa-do ... the family at EASTER!!!

Braxton and Brylee


Braxton - Brylee - McKenna

Braxton - throwing the deuce
UMMMM I don't know where he gets all this from::::

(at the park on spring break - crazy girls)

The whole family....Braxton throwing Ahhh-gain

yeaaa this is good as it gets ;-)

Me and the hubs!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Let's get Physical!!

The hubs and I did our weigh in last Tuesday (I know I'm WAY behind and keep saying I'll get better - ha!)

His loss 3.8 lbs, my loss 2.4 lbs. Ugghhh beaten again!

I'm still doing really good, and I'm actually loving my workouts and look forward to them. (more and more) YES this is a big SHOCK to me!! I've always been very VERY (cannot stress that enough) lazy when it comes to working out - I've always really hated it.

I've always LOVED sports - but working out - nope not for me!! I think it could acutally become addicting. Did I really just say that? I mean I don't want to be some big bulked up person, but I do want to be toned.

We have also been doing the wii fit - the kids really like this as well....and it's good for them!!

I do love this time change - IN the EVENINGS....not so much the mornings, I don't like waking up and it still being dark out!!

Anyway - hope you guys are having a great week!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Jump Jump

Hey guys....just a quick little update. We didn't have a 'weigh in' this week, we've decided every 2 weeks. I have actually 'hunkered' down. I'm doing the same work-out as my hubby. He is very dedicated to his work outs. I usually just do my own little thing, then end up watching him do the rest of his work outs.

I actually feel REALLY good, I've loved it!!! It hasn't been easy by all means, and I have been SO sore!! But I am very excited - it really does make a difference, I am loving it!!! Now mind you I do whine....and say "ohh it's tooooo heavy" "I can't do this". He tells me it's not and I can - and he's right. AND he's right there beside me, and if it does get too heavy he gives me a little boost - he puts ONE finger under the bar and gives a nudge - that makes all the difference!! The hubs is so awesome!!!! I have my own personal trainer!!!

I am down a total of 11 lbs!! (I think I've lost more inches though) I'm not really sure my goal weight - I know around where I would like to be, but I think it's more what size clothes I want to be in. (Make sense?)

I'm toning legs, tummy, arms. I can tell a huges difference in all my clothes! A BIG difference in my tummy and hinny!! :-) My problem area has always been 'thighs', in my jeans - there is a noticeable difference.

I've thought about blogging my eating, and work-out routines. I've just been really lazy!! Hopefully soon I'll get it in gear and do that!! ONE step at a time!! ;-)

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

To a brand new life....

The hubs and I did our weigh in last night - we actually tied....lost 2 lbs. I am down a total of 9 lbs and he is down 12 lbs.

I am beyond excited!!! I feel so much better about myself- I know it's a slow and steady thing we're doing, and I feel like we are doing it the right way. I think if you lose too fast you are more likely to gain it back. I want to lose it slowly - and tone at the same time. I know I could do it quicker, but that quick fix is something I don't want. I want something that is going to last.

I am pretty proud of me and the hubs!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

You're one in a million

I have to do a little bragging on my hubby today :-)

He takes our smallest 2 children to school every morning (unless something comes up, which isn't very often). I take our oldest. This is such a huge help to me. I do get up and wake the kiddos up and get them ready - he starts the car and puts their lunch in their lunch boxes. This small task saves me soooo much time. I would have to get up 30 minutes earlier if I had to take them to school - I'd have to put on my uniform...take them, come home get McKenna then take her - whewwww I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but having 3 kiddos - trying to get them all ready taking them to school in opposite really is a lot.

AT any rate. The hubs took the 2 smallest to school this morning....on his way out the guidance couselor stopped him. She introduced herself, then proceeded to ask my hubby if he had a moment to talk - First thoughts "what have they done now?" she just says to him, I want to commend you on walking your children to class every morning, we don't see that too often - especially dads. It's nice seeing a daddy so invovled in their children's lives, it really does mean a lot, and I just want to thank you.

I am so proud of my wonderful husband, I know I don't say it often enough, or thank him often enough....but he is one special man!! He really is one awesome dad - and a terrific husband!!!


On the weight loss front, we didn't weigh in this week, I sort of been lacking - I'm still eating pretty good - I even turned down delish double chocolate brownies at lunch on Sunday!!!! That is a HUGE step!!!!! I did weigh myself, and I was down another we're 'moving' :-)

Monday, February 15, 2010

When a maaaan loves a woooman.....

HiYa...I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!!! Friday I got a nice suprise - long stem roses delivered to work...they were beautiful!!! That night the hubs took me out to dinner and to see a movie (my choice) I chose to see "Valentine's Day"...something I normally wouldn't pick, but figured what the hey - it's that time of year ;-) it was cute!!

I thought this was my 'presents'.....hmmmm (not to mention - we went shopping after the movie and I got a new outfit!!)

Saturday morning I got this purse..........but in the purse was other goodies

I got the new Ed Hardy perfume - really like it!

ALSO:::: (SCORE!) The pictures doesn't do them justice...he does so awesome in the jewelry department!!

I have to say I LOVE this man!!!!

He is so awesome - he's such a great Valentine!!! And the bestest hubby in the world!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Jump jump

Ok...just a really quick update for the week.......

I lost a BIG 1.8 lbs this week and the hubs lost 2 lbs. ugghhh ;-) I suppose losing an average of about 2 lbs a week is not bad. I am also doing it the 'right' way. No quick diets, just eating healthy and exercising. If I really want something I will eat it, just in moderation.

I think if I 'lose' this way, I am more likely to keep the weight off - and be healthy on top of it!!

I don't know about you guys, but I love sweets - he's a few things that have satisfied me:

Fat Free Pudding
1 'snack wells' cookie
Sugar free/Fat Free cool whip

I dump my little snack pack into a bowl, then break up my cookie (it has that cake texture) then add a dab of cool whip.

YUMMO - it really hit the spot!!

Another thing I tried last night - I dumped my little snack pack into a bowl, then added a dab of smuckers all natural peanut butter to it - ohhh yea I liked this way better!!! I love chocolate in peanut butter!!! It made a nice and feeling snack!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Risin' up, back on the street......

Yea yea...this is going to be my theme song ;-)

The hubs and I did our weigh-in this wasn't really what I wanted or expected ~sigh~ I lost a whopping .4 lbs and he lost 4 lbs. (I blame water-weight gain for my lapse) It's so not fair (whhaaa whhaaaa) Ok it's my pity party.... :-)

It sort of depressed me a little - I have been eating really good and working out just about every I don't/didn't understand. The hubs told me I'm not eating enough calories - which I know is probably true. I have been eating way less than I should. I do need to do better in that department - I skipped a few breakfasts - which I know is a big NO NO!

I also need to eat a little pre-workout snack....half way through working out I feel ehhhh and run down - I get un-motivated, and I'm starving and want to quit. I think I'll start eating something like a 1/2 pb sandwich. What do you guys think? Maybe a protein bar or something like that.

Anyway - we are still at it, and I'm still loving it!! I've been drinking more water (No diet soda's this week at all!) And I love me some Diet Pepsi ahhhhhhh

I do really feel good - I know this is a very good thing, and I am so happy my hubby and I are doing this together!! It really does mean so much - and it does help!! I'm glad I have his love and support behind me!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Let's get Physical ;-)

Just wanted to do a quick update - I know I've been slacking. The hubs and I are still going at it. We had our first weigh-in last Tuesday. I lost 4 lbs, and he lost 4.4 lbs :-) He beat me by .4 of a pound!!!

That's OK, I was pleasently suprised with the 4lbs - especially with us weighing in the evening...eating all day - I just feel 'fatter' in the evening ..... I guess with a full belly and all. We do weigh before we eat dinner....if we didn't - YIKES!!!

We worked out every day - of course minus Wednesday, I just don't have time with church and all...and Sunday....I consider that a 'rest' day!! Otherwise, I did pretty well. I know I'm not pushing myself like I should - I tend to get a little lazy. After working all day - I just cannot get that extra ummpphhh!! I really would like to get up and do some sort of exercise in the mornings - I need to get in a routine and try!!

OMG - have you guys every tried Arnolds Sandwich Thins? YUMMO!! It's a new love!! They are very very delish - I suggest them if you haven't. In a quick pinch - I slather some peanut butter on ... and yummo a quick breakfast!! I made hamburgers Friday nigth, I used these instead of buns (for myself). I wasn't sure if it would be over-whelmed by the meat - NO perfect-o!! They are really thin, but they stand firm!!

I'm also trying to drink more water - I really love my diet pepsi!!

I'll try to update more, it's just been really hectic!!! I'm not sure about the weigh-in tonight, my hubby is working late, and we had some car issues yesterday and didn't get to really work out together, so we may be skipping ;-)

I do have to say, I am feeling SO much better about myself, and I'm really excited about this. I hope to start taking more pictures and updating the work-outs/food more often!!

Thanks for your support!!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Me and this AWESOME fella right here are doing some changes :-) Good one's. I know everyone goes on that "healthy" kick right at the new year, but he and I have both agreed to do this together - Get Healthy!!
We are eating better, and working out together. I have to say that I'm loving it. We actually started on "Biggest Loser" night - we even weighed in (I didn't like what I saw). We are going to do this weekly - same time. Even though I DO NOT like weighing at night - ugghhh have to weigh in with what I've eaten that day, makes me feel that much BIGGER!!
I know for having 3 kiddos I'm not huge by all means, but I'm not any where near where I would like to be!! I don't really think it's about 'weight'...(though I have a poundage I'd like to be), but it's about how I want to look and feel. I have my goal set in place. I am actually thinking about starting a food blog and following my progress - like there isn't enough food blogs out there (which I'm OBESSED with)...but I think this will be something great to keep up with.
Just to add - I use a website - it helps you track calories/exercise. It is pretty awesome!!
On another note of changes - my hubby and I agreed we need to show each other a little more attention. MY hubby is one of the most awesome dads and husbands (all ready), but I have to say he has kicked it up a notch. I am LOVING it. I'm getting even MORE attention than he was giving me.
When you have children, it's always about them - I know I have neglected on my part that is for sure. I have realized I have to put more into my husband. Jerimy has always been the more thoughtful one - he really does listen to what I say, and surprises me with things. I'm more the wordy one. I need to pay more attention to his wants (and needs).
We have been more attentive - more sweet little texts - telling each other more how we feel, being more "lovey". I have been absolutely cheesy with delight!!
I think more people need to do that - reflect back when you and your special someone were first together, how it was.
Jerimy has really showed me a lot - he is really a wonderful man. I do not know what I would do without him. I feel like we've gotten that much closer. I love him more and more every day. He still makes my heart flutter. I am SO thankful Jerimy is in my life, and so very blessed.
I am excited he and I are on this journey together - making our marriage that much stronger. Making our lives healthy - Physically and mentally.
I truly do love my life. Thank God He sent me that special person that I can share my everything with.