Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Let's get Physical ;-)

Just wanted to do a quick update - I know I've been slacking. The hubs and I are still going at it. We had our first weigh-in last Tuesday. I lost 4 lbs, and he lost 4.4 lbs :-) He beat me by .4 of a pound!!!

That's OK, I was pleasently suprised with the 4lbs - especially with us weighing in the evening...eating all day - I just feel 'fatter' in the evening ..... I guess with a full belly and all. We do weigh before we eat dinner....if we didn't - YIKES!!!

We worked out every day - of course minus Wednesday, I just don't have time with church and all...and Sunday....I consider that a 'rest' day!! Otherwise, I did pretty well. I know I'm not pushing myself like I should - I tend to get a little lazy. After working all day - I just cannot get that extra ummpphhh!! I really would like to get up and do some sort of exercise in the mornings - I need to get in a routine and try!!

OMG - have you guys every tried Arnolds Sandwich Thins? YUMMO!! It's a new love!! They are very very delish - I suggest them if you haven't. In a quick pinch - I slather some peanut butter on ... and yummo a quick breakfast!! I made hamburgers Friday nigth, I used these instead of buns (for myself). I wasn't sure if it would be over-whelmed by the meat - NO perfect-o!! They are really thin, but they stand firm!!

I'm also trying to drink more water - I really love my diet pepsi!!

I'll try to update more, it's just been really hectic!!! I'm not sure about the weigh-in tonight, my hubby is working late, and we had some car issues yesterday and didn't get to really work out together, so we may be skipping ;-)

I do have to say, I am feeling SO much better about myself, and I'm really excited about this. I hope to start taking more pictures and updating the work-outs/food more often!!

Thanks for your support!!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Me and this AWESOME fella right here are doing some changes :-) Good one's. I know everyone goes on that "healthy" kick right at the new year, but he and I have both agreed to do this together - Get Healthy!!
We are eating better, and working out together. I have to say that I'm loving it. We actually started on "Biggest Loser" night - we even weighed in (I didn't like what I saw). We are going to do this weekly - same time. Even though I DO NOT like weighing at night - ugghhh have to weigh in with what I've eaten that day, makes me feel that much BIGGER!!
I know for having 3 kiddos I'm not huge by all means, but I'm not any where near where I would like to be!! I don't really think it's about 'weight'...(though I have a poundage I'd like to be), but it's about how I want to look and feel. I have my goal set in place. I am actually thinking about starting a food blog and following my progress - like there isn't enough food blogs out there (which I'm OBESSED with)...but I think this will be something great to keep up with.
Just to add - I use a website http://www.livestrong.com/ - it helps you track calories/exercise. It is pretty awesome!!
On another note of changes - my hubby and I agreed we need to show each other a little more attention. MY hubby is one of the most awesome dads and husbands (all ready), but I have to say he has kicked it up a notch. I am LOVING it. I'm getting even MORE attention than he was giving me.
When you have children, it's always about them - I know I have neglected on my part that is for sure. I have realized I have to put more into my husband. Jerimy has always been the more thoughtful one - he really does listen to what I say, and surprises me with things. I'm more the wordy one. I need to pay more attention to his wants (and needs).
We have been more attentive - more sweet little texts - telling each other more how we feel, being more "lovey". I have been absolutely cheesy with delight!!
I think more people need to do that - reflect back when you and your special someone were first together, how it was.
Jerimy has really showed me a lot - he is really a wonderful man. I do not know what I would do without him. I feel like we've gotten that much closer. I love him more and more every day. He still makes my heart flutter. I am SO thankful Jerimy is in my life, and so very blessed.
I am excited he and I are on this journey together - making our marriage that much stronger. Making our lives healthy - Physically and mentally.
I truly do love my life. Thank God He sent me that special person that I can share my everything with.