Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I LOVE.......

Going to church, knowing the fact God sent His Son to die for us.
My husband, and kids.
Being married to the man of my dreams
My family, and the fact that we are close.
The way my head fits perfectly on my husbands shoulder,
My children’s laughter.
The words “I love you” from the one’s I care about most.
Watching sports with my husband,
And playing softball with my husband.
The smell of fresh cut grass,
That my sister wanted me in the room with her when she had Kennedy.
Playing Wii, and love winning more.
Sitting back watching my children play.
Feeling wanted and needed
Propping my feet up and watching TV
Movie quotes
Reading a good book
Dressing up
A new pair of shoes
Getting surprises from my husband
Giving gifts
Being happy
Making someone smile
Getting my hair washed
Watching a good movie