Friday, May 29, 2009

He's a big boy now

Tuesday Braxton had his Pre-K Graduation...hard to believe - time is going by SO fast!!!! He had a awesome year, and he loved school. I am very proud of him!!

Walking down the Isle

Braxton - saying his "Please stand for the Pledge"


Reveiving his diploma!

Braxton and Mrs. Kantro his Pre-K Teacher.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

dance dance dance

Monday - McKenna was in a talent contest at school.....her and a friend did the Charleston - they had their little flapper dresses.

Here are some pictures from the contest............they took home 1st Prize!!!!!!!!!!! I was so proud!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Waaay down upon the Suwannee River

I have TONS to catch up on. It has been so busy around my neck of the woods. We had the Florida Folk Festival this weekend - it is the largest festival in Florida. There are 11 different stages with Singing, dancing, demonstrations - stories....tons of things going on. There are also craft vendors - food vendors.......mmmmm. This goes on for 3 days - always memeorial weekend. It starts Friday morning - gates open at 8am and goes on to 11ish pm..........through Sunday.

We actually start on Thursday - we have to register all the vendors and participants. LOTS to do. I have to work during the festival - which isn't too bad (I like to people watch) But I go to the Festival in the evening (if I'm not too tired)

I have other things to share with you guys - like McKenna's talent show, and Braxton's Pre-K graduation - which we attended yesterday and today. But I'm going to put those in other posts. I have tons of reading to catch up on to!!
Here's Brylee swinging..of course we had to stop at the playground!

Braxton, McKenna, and Brylee

Toward the far back is the main stage - Billy Dean was our head-liner this year. It did rain a majority part of the weekend!

McKenna and Sarah

McKenna, Braxton - Thuggin', Brylee, and Sarah.
Hope everyone had a great weekend and Memorial day!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Working 9 to 5....what a way to make a livin'

No really........I do work 9 to 5!! I love my hours!! I don't technically get a 'lunch' I stay at the office - I do get breaks though, I'm not chained down or anything. I actually got this idea from Lindsay she took pictures of her new office, so I thought I would share where I spend my days :-)

I happen to LOVE my job....and this is where I come every day (and every 3rd weekend) There are quite a few pics.........Hope you enjoy!!

The outside of my building (this is where the kiddos were watering the flowers)

Here is my office........I do the accounting among other things

Our front can see my office door to the left (no one really sits up front anymore - we go out and help when people come in)

Some of our brochures/kiosk....pretty neat

The other end............

Going out to our back porch...the back of the building is lined with french doors like this (I would LOVE for this to be my house!

The back porch (Nice huh?) I have spent many days back here having lunch

The other end of the porch

This gazebo is attached to the end of our building

Front porch

View from the front porch....see the 'white' building - it was built in was a general store.

Another view of the front porch

Our fresh water fish tank (yes the are Florida native fish)

I feel pretty lucky having the job that I do - I get to go visit tons of places/parks......I have a wonderful office/building. To top it off - there are only 3 people that work in this building!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

There are no words

This is what happened Tuesday - I stayed home with Brylee.........Yes this is PERM MARKER! The fingernails and toenails were done...along with palms, and the bottem of her feet. She picked the flower for me - guess that was to make up for me having to clean her up. BTW - Fingernail polish remover did the trick. Next time - no skippy work.............!!

She was very proud of her artwork...............self portrait?? (at least it wasn't the walls)

Monday, May 11, 2009


Happy Late Mothers Day to all you ladies!! Hope everyone had a great Mothers Day! Friday night we had our Mother Daughter Banquet - it was very nice!! I wrote a poem (which I do for every Mothers Day) I will put it at the bottem.

After the banquet - we just sort of hung out ... had some family time. Saturday, we did some cleaning...didn't do a whole lot, just spent time with the family, which is always good.

Sunday - I woke up to many "Happy Mothers Day's"......Jerimy of course woke me up at around midnight to tell me Happy Mothers Day!

We had a really nice service Sunday morning - we ended up having lunch with Jerimy's Folks - Taco was yummy. Sunday afternoon we headed over to my folks - dad grilled hamburgers and sausge - yummo!! My sis/bro and their families were there with their kiddos. Needless to say - the kids had LOTS of fun!! All in all - it was a very nice day!

Sarah, McKenna, and Brylee (of course not facing) at the Mother Daughter Banquet

This is something Braxton made in school for me - I thought it was so cute, he also made handprints. (He and Brylee also made me flowers in Sunday School). What I find really cute is that he only thinks I'm 16!! whoo hoo. He hit a lot of things on the head with this! On the card playing, he and I play 'free cell' on the computer together! On that note (of age)- the youth Friday night thought I was only 25!! Not just the youth but older couples - they think Jerimy and I are only in our early 20's...aren't they sweet!!

Jerimy and the kiddos got me this pretty locket for mothers day!!!!

Me and the kiddos getting ready to go to church!

Me and Jerimy

Mom - Dad and Memphis, my brothers little girl

McKenna and Kennedy - Abbi's little girl

Braxton on the slide, and Brylee heading up

Brylee posing!

Brylee trying to pull Kennedy and Memphis!!
OK is a Mothers Day Poem for you!!
The Hats of Mother
The hats of mother
are more than we can dream,
she does so much
more than it will ever seem.

She wears the hat ofdoctor
taking care of all;
the bandaging of scrapes,
making soup, whatever the call.

Mother wears the hat of
taxi driver - here and there;
taking us where we need
all her time she does spare.

She has a chef hat
tall and white,
she can prepare us anything
with out a gripe.

Mother has a hat that
any sports person would wear,
going to our games
supporting us showing how much she does care.

She has a helmet
something that does shield,
giving us protectionand
confidence she can build.

Mother has a clown ha
tshe brings out time to time;
showing she can be funny
bringing a smile that does shine.

She has a hat a seamstress
puts on when she sews,
she can stitch up or hem
any part of our clothes.

She wears the hat of
A janitor or maid,
Cleaning up all our
Messes without getting paid.

Mother has a hat that
She would wear each Sunday,
This hat very special
Teaching us of God and how to pray

Each of our Mothers
So special indeed,
God made her for US,
Filling whatever our need.

Amy Thompson 2009

Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm a survivor

I will be the first to admit, I am a Reality TV Junky.....I don't care - but I am! I love me some reality shows, BUT my all time favorite is Survivor. I watch it every season, and I rarely miss a show - (I dvr it just in case)

Thursday nights are "my" night for TV. I plop over on the love seat and "sling the stickos" as my hubby likes to say - which means I prop my feet up ;-) and settle down for my shows!! I love Thursday for Survivor, CSI (Vegas)...and sad to see it go ER. Ahhh such a loss. I do still catch the re-runs on TBS however.

So this blog is my tribute to the Thursday night shows that I love!!!!


CSI Vegas
and RIP ... ER

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mary - Mary quite does your garden grow??

With little helpers of course!!! (and yes these are Poinsettias on the porch - yes I know it's May)