Friday, May 7, 2010

Mothers Day

Every year we always have a Mother/Daughter Banquet. But alas this year - I was told by a certain's not Mother/Daugther....It's a Mother's Day Banquet. Because someone may get offended....all Mother's do not have daughters.

OFFENDED you's Mother/Daughter Banquet because YOU are either a mother or a daughter!!! (DUH) The more I think about this the more it just irratates me. Every lady that comes doesn't have a child........but she is the daughter of someone. ummm RIGHT??

To top things off...this same person CANCELLED our Banquet (Tuesday) decided she just didn't feel like doing it. Seriously - what gives you the right? So a bunch of us ladies have gotten together and we're going out to eat tonight - I write a poem every year for Mother's Day - usually for my mom's banquet, and for ours. This year...I've made each individual lady a poem - decorated it, then lamenated it. This is for you MISS lady:


God has chosen our path;
Mother, daughter – friend.
He has written our stories,
From beginning to end.

We all have a journey,
A path to guide our way;
We just need to listen
To what our Lord has to say.

Our lives set before us
Mother, daughter – friend.
We may not have chosen,
But we have a love to never end.

We are each one
Different but the same;
He has chosen for each,
Such a specific name.

Which one are you;
Friend, daughter – Mother?
All of us made from Love -
Our lives like none other.

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Mother's Day!!!!!! You are all very awesome!!!!