Friday, May 7, 2010

Mothers Day

Every year we always have a Mother/Daughter Banquet. But alas this year - I was told by a certain's not Mother/Daugther....It's a Mother's Day Banquet. Because someone may get offended....all Mother's do not have daughters.

OFFENDED you's Mother/Daughter Banquet because YOU are either a mother or a daughter!!! (DUH) The more I think about this the more it just irratates me. Every lady that comes doesn't have a child........but she is the daughter of someone. ummm RIGHT??

To top things off...this same person CANCELLED our Banquet (Tuesday) decided she just didn't feel like doing it. Seriously - what gives you the right? So a bunch of us ladies have gotten together and we're going out to eat tonight - I write a poem every year for Mother's Day - usually for my mom's banquet, and for ours. This year...I've made each individual lady a poem - decorated it, then lamenated it. This is for you MISS lady:


God has chosen our path;
Mother, daughter – friend.
He has written our stories,
From beginning to end.

We all have a journey,
A path to guide our way;
We just need to listen
To what our Lord has to say.

Our lives set before us
Mother, daughter – friend.
We may not have chosen,
But we have a love to never end.

We are each one
Different but the same;
He has chosen for each,
Such a specific name.

Which one are you;
Friend, daughter – Mother?
All of us made from Love -
Our lives like none other.

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Mother's Day!!!!!! You are all very awesome!!!!


Lindsey said...

Aw friend, I'm sorry they canceled the banquet but have fun tonight going out eat!
And the poem you wrote is just beautiful!!!!

Abbi said...

you are so VERY talented sissy!!
love you

Jill said...

What a sweet poem! You're a good writer.

Okay~ what's with everyone being so sensitive these days? First it was you can't say "Merry Christmas." Now you can't call a Mother/Daughter banquet Mother/Daughter. UGH...

I saw the photo of you, Abbi, and your mom on Abbi's blog. You look great!