Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy birthday to you!!! Happy Birthday dear Brylee & McKennaaaaaaa

I've been very bad about blogging lately - just been slack on time.

Saturday we had Birthday Parties for Brylee (turning 4) and McKenna (turning 12) Saturday was actually Brylee's Birthday, and Yesterday (25th) was McKenna's. We decided it would be easier have both parties the same day - ha ha ha.........

We had Brylee's from 4:30pm - 6:30pm...we rented her a bouncy house/waterslide for her party. It rained right up until the party......around 3 - then the sun came was absolutely BEAUTIFUL..the party went GREAT!!! about 6:35 - started down pouring AGAIN - we were panicked!!!! We didn't know what to do about McKenna's party - which started at 8pm - we had a 16 foot Blowup Movie Screen for her could not get wet!!!

About 7:30....the rain turned out beautiful!!! We hooked the wii up to the screen for the kiddos to was a HUG HIT!!!!! Both parties turned out FAB!!!!!!!!!!

Brylee's Party.......

McKenna's Party...........

Yesterday...on her actual Birthday!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Livin' and a workin' working and a livin'......

I have really been a slacker when it's come to blogging. I feel like things around my house just haven't slowed down.

I have TONS to catch up on - I didn't even post our 4th of July pics - or even blog about it - that may be a Wordless Wednesday ..... I still have to blog on our little mini vacay we had last weekend - the hubs and I went on a trip (by ourselves) to TN - a friend of his got married, he was in the wedding. I have to post on that.....I also have to post on a give-away that I won!!!

Right now I'm going to do just a little weekend update since I haven't blogged in a while. I have been reading and commenting.

This weekend was pretty eventful I guess you'd say ;-)

Friday night we took the kiddos to this little local place - it has pizza and video games - they had a blast. I didn't get a pic of McKenna....she was always off doing her thing.

Brylee.....watching her tickets come out. This little stinker won the most tickets of the kiddos.....and all she wanted was a little 10 ticket small plastic slinky - she donated her tickets to her brother.
Braxton.......he is intense when it comes to his gaming!!!!
Saturday morning I had a VERY nice unexpected suprise from the hubs!!! He came home with this:

A new king sized bed!!!!! We have been wanting one.....well got us one on Saturday. It's a pillow top...........I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! He also bought me a $300 comforter set (which he picked out and I loved) for it!!! He's so awesome!!! I LOVE this is SO comfy!!

Sunday the kiddos (FROGS - Fully Rely on God) performed 3 songs in front of church - I love watching them. Sunday night our Youth gave a presentation on their trip to camp.

Right now - McKenna and Brylee are staying with Grammy and Grandaddy - so I just have one kiddo at home.......feels so strange!!!!! Hopefully soon I'm going to get back in the swing of things!!!!!!