Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy birthday to you!!! Happy Birthday dear Brylee & McKennaaaaaaa

I've been very bad about blogging lately - just been slack on time.

Saturday we had Birthday Parties for Brylee (turning 4) and McKenna (turning 12) Saturday was actually Brylee's Birthday, and Yesterday (25th) was McKenna's. We decided it would be easier have both parties the same day - ha ha ha.........

We had Brylee's from 4:30pm - 6:30pm...we rented her a bouncy house/waterslide for her party. It rained right up until the party......around 3 - then the sun came was absolutely BEAUTIFUL..the party went GREAT!!! about 6:35 - started down pouring AGAIN - we were panicked!!!! We didn't know what to do about McKenna's party - which started at 8pm - we had a 16 foot Blowup Movie Screen for her could not get wet!!!

About 7:30....the rain turned out beautiful!!! We hooked the wii up to the screen for the kiddos to was a HUG HIT!!!!! Both parties turned out FAB!!!!!!!!!!

Brylee's Party.......

McKenna's Party...........

Yesterday...on her actual Birthday!


Lindsey said...

What a fun party!!! Great pics!

Jill said...

This looks like the best birthday party!

Abbi said... was a great time!! i need to post the pics i have too!!!
the wii looks fun!!
bry is something else!! too cute!!
and mckenna, she's me made over!!
love it!
love you sissy!!