Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Let's get Physical!!

The hubs and I did our weigh in last Tuesday (I know I'm WAY behind and keep saying I'll get better - ha!)

His loss 3.8 lbs, my loss 2.4 lbs. Ugghhh beaten again!

I'm still doing really good, and I'm actually loving my workouts and look forward to them. (more and more) YES this is a big SHOCK to me!! I've always been very VERY (cannot stress that enough) lazy when it comes to working out - I've always really hated it.

I've always LOVED sports - but working out - nope not for me!! I think it could acutally become addicting. Did I really just say that? I mean I don't want to be some big bulked up person, but I do want to be toned.

We have also been doing the wii fit - the kids really like this as well....and it's good for them!!

I do love this time change - IN the EVENINGS....not so much the mornings, I don't like waking up and it still being dark out!!

Anyway - hope you guys are having a great week!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Jump Jump

Hey guys....just a quick little update. We didn't have a 'weigh in' this week, we've decided every 2 weeks. I have actually 'hunkered' down. I'm doing the same work-out as my hubby. He is very dedicated to his work outs. I usually just do my own little thing, then end up watching him do the rest of his work outs.

I actually feel REALLY good, I've loved it!!! It hasn't been easy by all means, and I have been SO sore!! But I am very excited - it really does make a difference, I am loving it!!! Now mind you I do whine....and say "ohh it's tooooo heavy" "I can't do this". He tells me it's not and I can - and he's right. AND he's right there beside me, and if it does get too heavy he gives me a little boost - he puts ONE finger under the bar and gives a nudge - that makes all the difference!! The hubs is so awesome!!!! I have my own personal trainer!!!

I am down a total of 11 lbs!! (I think I've lost more inches though) I'm not really sure my goal weight - I know around where I would like to be, but I think it's more what size clothes I want to be in. (Make sense?)

I'm toning legs, tummy, arms. I can tell a huges difference in all my clothes! A BIG difference in my tummy and hinny!! :-) My problem area has always been 'thighs', in my jeans - there is a noticeable difference.

I've thought about blogging my eating, and work-out routines. I've just been really lazy!! Hopefully soon I'll get it in gear and do that!! ONE step at a time!! ;-)

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!!