Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Let's get Physical!!

The hubs and I did our weigh in last Tuesday (I know I'm WAY behind and keep saying I'll get better - ha!)

His loss 3.8 lbs, my loss 2.4 lbs. Ugghhh beaten again!

I'm still doing really good, and I'm actually loving my workouts and look forward to them. (more and more) YES this is a big SHOCK to me!! I've always been very VERY (cannot stress that enough) lazy when it comes to working out - I've always really hated it.

I've always LOVED sports - but working out - nope not for me!! I think it could acutally become addicting. Did I really just say that? I mean I don't want to be some big bulked up person, but I do want to be toned.

We have also been doing the wii fit - the kids really like this as well....and it's good for them!!

I do love this time change - IN the EVENINGS....not so much the mornings, I don't like waking up and it still being dark out!!

Anyway - hope you guys are having a great week!!


Lindsey said...

Stupid boys and that they can lose weight so fast! Garth ate so much last week and LOST 2 pounds! I don't get it, lol!

Jaime said...

Go you!! a loss is still a loss!! and I hate it when Dean loses faster than me!! lol!

You should try out the Biggest Loser for Wii! It's pretty awesome too.. it REALLY works you, lol! We've actually started using it more than the wii fit... I'm still hoping to get addicted! haha!

Keep up the good work!!!

Abbi said...

you look amazing!! i'm so proud of you sissy!