Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Wii" are such a rockin' family

OK...yes that was dorky - I know I know. This is some of our family time...this is some of the things we do in the evenings.

We love playing the Wii - OK Jerimy and I love playing more than the kids, I admit it, and I admit I get mad when I don't win. If you've never played you're missing out - it is SO much fun!
Here are McKenna and Braxton playing some Wii

McKenna throwing yard darts

Braxton taking his turn...oh yes he is rockin' his undies (yes my kids strip it down to the skibbies when they get home)

Sissy is winning

Braxton Winning

The Winner is................

Braxton!! YES sissy is none too happy...and yes that is the Wii-mote in the skibbs.

Brylee and I watch on......

I get some bry bry lovin'

All in all...we had a nice evening (dad was at the grocery store so he missed out - he and I played when he got back - I couldn't stand it. We bowled, he won the first round *sigh* BUT I kicked some bootie second round....and that is the one remembered!!!!!!) I LOVE my family!!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Invasion of the..........

Off to bed with our 3 little angels (with horns - they hold the halo's up right?). My oldest McKenna had a friend sleep over last night...they are off to "bed" - well they were in McKenna's room at any rate.

We get the other two to bed *cough cough*. Braxton has had a bad cough...we let him lay on the couch - it's been pretty bad. He was to the point where he was almost throwing up.

So...me and 'daddy' slip off to bed. Well Braxton wakes up - coughing, we let him come get in bed with us. Well.........not an hour later here comes the pidder padder of two little feet "momma I want to get in you bed". She goes to daddy's side....and he puts her in bed with us too. He gets the right side..me the left.

This is nothing new to us.....Brylee sneaks into bed with us EVERY night. Oh say around 2ish. She comes darting into our room - "I want to sleep in you bed". So rather than the hassle of going back and forth every hour on the hour...we give in - YES I KNOW THIS IS BAD - I do not care I need some sleep. As soon as that head hits the pillow she is out. What is it about mommy and daddy's bed that is so magical?

Here is the - Invasion of the bed snatchers!!

You see that what is it - 6 inches behind Brylee's tiny hiny?? That is where daddy sleeps every night. Now my hubby is 6'6".....and is rather "buff"...and yes he sleeps on that much bed every night. Brylee is the Queen of our Queen. Yes...this is how they slept between me and daddy last night..comfy right? ROOTERS!

Daddy slipped back in bed this morning - on mommy's nice big side of the bed ( I get more room poor daddy) :-)

Don't let those sweet little faces fool you...they are dangerous weapons...weapons of mass destruction!!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Proud Momma

I know it's been a while since I've blogged.....times slips away - I'm going to try to be better...chasing 3 kids and working a full time job gets very tiresome :-)

OK...the subject at hand..........MY BABIES!! And a PROUD moment.

Braxton (4) and Brylee (3), the two on the left...performed at church last night. We had our ThanksGiving Dinner at church. They sang "Shout to the Lord" and did the sign language along with it.

It was so over whelming...it still brings tears to my eyes. My heart felt like it was going to burst through my chest. Brylee goes around singing this song constantly - it makes me so proud. She has been doing it at day-care for weeks, Ms. Brenda tells me she has all the kids singing. She stays at a family day-care, only 5 kids - I'm very blessed!!

Brylee did great - she didn't really "sing" a lot of the song..but she did most of the movements. Braxton on the other hand...did awesome, not that Brylee didn't. But Braxton was in front of the microphone...you could hear every word. He did all the sign language - perfectly. I was amazed. He had been telling us all week that he was NOT getting up there and doing that. So me and his dad have been building him up all week telling him how excited we were and how proud of them we were.

If everyone had the faith that children had..the world would be in such a better place. They sometimes grasp things so much better than adults - they are pure. My children will be the first to tell you where Jesus lives. That he died on the cross to save us. It makes me so proud.

I am so blessed. I honestly do not know what I would do without my children, husband or family.

I would have never thought I would have 3 children - now, I don't know how I could go on without them. They make life worth living.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to my baby Sissy

Happy Birthday to my baby sis
My dear friend that I often miss.
You are so very special indeed,
Someone in my life I will always need.

I remember times of old, and times of new
Our bad times have been very few.
I watched you as a child, now you’re grown
It’s hard to believe you have a family of your own.

You are my sister, and my best friend
My love for you will not EVER end.
You hold a special place in my heart
No matter our distance, of me you’re a part.

I cherish all the times that we’ve had together
My love and caring will go on forever.
You were my baby, my tag-along pain
Forever changing my life, it would never be the same.

Sharing moments and a unforgettable love
Testing times, we rose above.
You mean the world to me, never forget
I loved you before we even met.

My dear sissy, you make me smile
For you I’d go the distance no matter the mile
I love you more day after day
I send you love and blessings – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat

These are some of the most fondest memories I remember as a child - going "Trick or Treating" Piling up in a car - searching for that porch light to be on...TONS of candy!! Mom and dad 'having' to check our candy - I seriously think this was a ploy for mom and dad to pick out the candy they wanted!!

Mom always made our costumes (no walmart junk - searching through picked over costumes) we had costume contests at school, and even had a parade - at school....everyone got SO excited.
MY MY how times have changed!! We took our children out trick or treating last night...we have a certain street we go down...it's just not like it used to be - not too many porch lights on now'a days. They don't dress up at school...they just have a "party". It's so sad I hate how things have changed so much from when I was a child. There are so many worries these days.

We did have a good time, and the kids enjoyed it!! McKenna went as a "punky pirate" sad to say this may be her last year :-( Braxton went as "Bat Man", and Brylee went as You know I'm not really sure what that was, but she sure was cute I say it was a "Milk Maid Pricess" :-)

I miss the "good ol' days", but oh how I SO enjoy the Present days with my kiddos!!!!