Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Wii" are such a rockin' family

OK...yes that was dorky - I know I know. This is some of our family time...this is some of the things we do in the evenings.

We love playing the Wii - OK Jerimy and I love playing more than the kids, I admit it, and I admit I get mad when I don't win. If you've never played you're missing out - it is SO much fun!
Here are McKenna and Braxton playing some Wii

McKenna throwing yard darts

Braxton taking his turn...oh yes he is rockin' his undies (yes my kids strip it down to the skibbies when they get home)

Sissy is winning

Braxton Winning

The Winner is................

Braxton!! YES sissy is none too happy...and yes that is the Wii-mote in the skibbs.

Brylee and I watch on......

I get some bry bry lovin'

All in all...we had a nice evening (dad was at the grocery store so he missed out - he and I played when he got back - I couldn't stand it. We bowled, he won the first round *sigh* BUT I kicked some bootie second round....and that is the one remembered!!!!!!) I LOVE my family!!!!


ourprecious4 said...

So with you on the Wii. Darrell and I Love to play! Looks like a rockin' good time - had to say that! :)

Abbi said...

your so funny!!! we want one! they look so much fun!! love u!