Monday, December 1, 2008

Tree Trimming

I didn't write on much has been going on - but I do have a LOT to be thankful for. First off I am very thankful for a God that sent his Son to die on a cross so that we can have eternal life. I am thankful for SO many other things. My husband, he is such a wonderful man - he gives me strength, he makes me happy - I have a wonderful blessed life many thanks to him. I am thankful for my 3 children...they are so wonderful, they make life worth living. Also, I am thankful for my family, I couldn't ask for a better family - they are very special to me. There are so many more things...but these rank top on my list.

Many people venture out on "Black Friday" I did this once upon a time. I don't really care for it, it is OK - my sister Abbi (a tid bit of Taylor) tried her best to get me to go on the adventure with her and my mom...I declined. I decided to do my Christmas decorating instead. I do have some top secret information for Black Friday. This is on the down low. I would get up about oh say 30 minutes earlier than I should and would cook me a grilled cheese..and pop a "few" I use that word loosely excedrine. Now this comes in handy...because 1/2 way through shopping people start falling out...they are hungry they have a headache (oh yes I was one of those people)..not me though....I would say "what...we have to keep going it's not time for a break"!! ha ha on them I ate before the trip..oh yes I would eat that good ol' Dennys/Cracker B breakfast later that morning...but I would fix myself a jump-start breakfast...ladies this works WONDERS!

OK..onto my tree trimming. The kiddos and myself started decorating the house. The hubs - germs as I call him does the outside of the house, oh yes my's the Grizzwald Christmas, I will be posting pictures later - we're not quite there yet. Anyway - Germs had to "run" into town and pick up one of our gifts for a certain someone I can't name who. no further a-due (did I spell that right?) Here is our "tree trimming" or the start of it anyway:

McKenna finding that special place on the tree - she is a little like me and has to find that "certain" spot for the decorations. (of course Braxton has to climb up to reach the top - mom can't do it)

Here is Braxton starting to decorate

Here is Brylee...she is some what difficult to get pictures of..she doesn't slow down long enough for you to get picture sof her. It's a bit blurry, but I'll take what I can get!

Looking good - but I still have some finishing touches. Yes I do cover all of my pictures in wrapping paper (this isn't finished I have to do my bow) - I like for everything to match. Ask my sister Abbi - I can be a tad bit OCD about things..I can't help it, it's just how I am. She and my cousin tend to make fun of me. I am just ummm corky about things.

The mantel is "almost there" I still have to do some finishing touches (see the cord - that is a no-no)

My Carolers....this isn't quite finished yet...some of the Carolers had a mis-hap...they are in the hospital right now getting some work done :-) Hopefully they will be out soon, oh how I miss them.

I didn't take a picture of the dining room - I will update later with all my finished pictures. It takes me a little time to get it "just so". I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know we was a WONDERFUL/not long enough weekend!!! I am very blessed!


Abbi said...

i love it!! it looks beautiful!! and YES you can be ocd about things!!! it all looks soooo good!! love u

Mrs. Cup said...

Everything looks beautiful!!

Suzanne said...

Your house looks beautiful...I wish I had the energy to decorate like that....oh well, maybe next year.