Monday, December 29, 2008

The days that follow

Well Christmas has come and gone..way too quickly. I've been so busy - I haven't made any time for blogging or doing anything for myself.
I'm going to play a little catch up - this will be mainly pictures.

The Sunday before Christmas in new Christmas outfits - McKenna was at Grammy's house. Brylee was proud of the sparkles on her dress.
Baking cookies for Santa on Christmas eve. Debating what is under the tree.....wanting to open "just one"Sleeping with mommy.....Christmas Even - we did not trust these little angels in their own rooms. What a glorious night of sweet sleep ~cough cough~

The before shots.......

Brylee opening presents......then cooking for us - mmmmm it's yummy stuff!
Braxton got his train table that he wanted
He also got a Grave Digger.....which he and Brylee both ride.

"Thumbs UP"

McKenna found her cell phone.....wait - a computer, printer...cell phone? Is there more?

oh yea...even an ipod! How spoiled are these children?!?! I did trick her with this one - I wrapped it in like 8 different boxes. She got excited it was wrapped in a PS3 box (which is what dad got for christmas) if she didn't get enough!
I'm going to end on this note....they did get more things - thanks to grandparents...aunts and uncles. I may update with those pics later!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas - my family sure did. I feel very very blessed!


Chitown Meg said...

Merry Christmas!! Thanx for your comment. It's sunny here in Chicago....I just can't get out of my post-Christmas slump!! Cute pictures :)

Abbi said...

your kids always hit the jack pot with Christmas! they have very good grandparents!!!
Christmas was awesome!! i love u!
i love your pics!

Tara Gibson said...

such cute pics!!! Im glad you guys had a great christmas!

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! : )

Carolyn said...

I LOVE Braxton's mohawk!!!

maw82 said...

Thanks girl! Your right glad everything did come turn out right! Love the pics they are too cute!