Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Parade...aka - police cars, big trucks, and loud sirens

Last night we had the joy and pleasure of going to the Christmas Parade in the Big town of Lake City. Nah actually folks it's a pretty good little parade, they do a jam up job. It lasted around 45 mins to an hour. Not bad for a small town parade. (White Springs is Dec 13....ummm 7.3 minutes long - for realz..if that)

The kids had an absolute blast - that is what counts. Here in Florida it's been around 70ish - but of course the night they have the parade it drops 40 degrees! But it does make it feel Christmasy.

We bundled up the kiddos and loaded up the heard and headed into the big city!!

McKenna (The Roach - I'll have to get into this at a later time) all nice an snuggly warm

Braxton...boy did he love the police cars...fire engines...motorcycles.........umm LOUDNESS

OFFFF course Brylee turning her head on EVERY picture I would try to take of her. She was right and ready to pounce on any...and I mean any candy thrown our way. She made out like a bandit.

Look quick you can see Brylee's face!


Look.....Santa's little ho ho ho..........No for real - look closely - this chick was standing beside us the entire night...and yes she was dressed like this for the parade...jiggling her..well what her momma gave her. Oh yes....her "Santa" yea right...outfit and leather..or should I say pleather boots up to her thighs........it was a sight....a sight I would have rather not have seen.

OK...for real...here is the "Big Guy" Santa - he ended the parade - on a lighted Choo Choo - it was cute..and a good time was had by all :-) How can you go wrong - balloons, candy, floats, police cars, fire engines - bands...... fun stuff people fun stuff. Not to mention I got to see one of Santa's helpers *cough* up close and personal. I RULE.


Mrs. Cup said...

Lake City, FL?? I grew up going to Camp Weed! We lived in Jacksonville!

Abbi said...

looks like fun!
and the girl with the boots....that's hot!! she's your family.....lol!

Hollie said...

abbi told me about the chic in go-go boots! ahhahahhaa!