Wednesday, February 24, 2010

To a brand new life....

The hubs and I did our weigh in last night - we actually tied....lost 2 lbs. I am down a total of 9 lbs and he is down 12 lbs.

I am beyond excited!!! I feel so much better about myself- I know it's a slow and steady thing we're doing, and I feel like we are doing it the right way. I think if you lose too fast you are more likely to gain it back. I want to lose it slowly - and tone at the same time. I know I could do it quicker, but that quick fix is something I don't want. I want something that is going to last.

I am pretty proud of me and the hubs!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

You're one in a million

I have to do a little bragging on my hubby today :-)

He takes our smallest 2 children to school every morning (unless something comes up, which isn't very often). I take our oldest. This is such a huge help to me. I do get up and wake the kiddos up and get them ready - he starts the car and puts their lunch in their lunch boxes. This small task saves me soooo much time. I would have to get up 30 minutes earlier if I had to take them to school - I'd have to put on my uniform...take them, come home get McKenna then take her - whewwww I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but having 3 kiddos - trying to get them all ready taking them to school in opposite really is a lot.

AT any rate. The hubs took the 2 smallest to school this morning....on his way out the guidance couselor stopped him. She introduced herself, then proceeded to ask my hubby if he had a moment to talk - First thoughts "what have they done now?" she just says to him, I want to commend you on walking your children to class every morning, we don't see that too often - especially dads. It's nice seeing a daddy so invovled in their children's lives, it really does mean a lot, and I just want to thank you.

I am so proud of my wonderful husband, I know I don't say it often enough, or thank him often enough....but he is one special man!! He really is one awesome dad - and a terrific husband!!!


On the weight loss front, we didn't weigh in this week, I sort of been lacking - I'm still eating pretty good - I even turned down delish double chocolate brownies at lunch on Sunday!!!! That is a HUGE step!!!!! I did weigh myself, and I was down another we're 'moving' :-)

Monday, February 15, 2010

When a maaaan loves a woooman.....

HiYa...I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!!! Friday I got a nice suprise - long stem roses delivered to work...they were beautiful!!! That night the hubs took me out to dinner and to see a movie (my choice) I chose to see "Valentine's Day"...something I normally wouldn't pick, but figured what the hey - it's that time of year ;-) it was cute!!

I thought this was my 'presents'.....hmmmm (not to mention - we went shopping after the movie and I got a new outfit!!)

Saturday morning I got this purse..........but in the purse was other goodies

I got the new Ed Hardy perfume - really like it!

ALSO:::: (SCORE!) The pictures doesn't do them justice...he does so awesome in the jewelry department!!

I have to say I LOVE this man!!!!

He is so awesome - he's such a great Valentine!!! And the bestest hubby in the world!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Jump jump

Ok...just a really quick update for the week.......

I lost a BIG 1.8 lbs this week and the hubs lost 2 lbs. ugghhh ;-) I suppose losing an average of about 2 lbs a week is not bad. I am also doing it the 'right' way. No quick diets, just eating healthy and exercising. If I really want something I will eat it, just in moderation.

I think if I 'lose' this way, I am more likely to keep the weight off - and be healthy on top of it!!

I don't know about you guys, but I love sweets - he's a few things that have satisfied me:

Fat Free Pudding
1 'snack wells' cookie
Sugar free/Fat Free cool whip

I dump my little snack pack into a bowl, then break up my cookie (it has that cake texture) then add a dab of cool whip.

YUMMO - it really hit the spot!!

Another thing I tried last night - I dumped my little snack pack into a bowl, then added a dab of smuckers all natural peanut butter to it - ohhh yea I liked this way better!!! I love chocolate in peanut butter!!! It made a nice and feeling snack!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Risin' up, back on the street......

Yea yea...this is going to be my theme song ;-)

The hubs and I did our weigh-in this wasn't really what I wanted or expected ~sigh~ I lost a whopping .4 lbs and he lost 4 lbs. (I blame water-weight gain for my lapse) It's so not fair (whhaaa whhaaaa) Ok it's my pity party.... :-)

It sort of depressed me a little - I have been eating really good and working out just about every I don't/didn't understand. The hubs told me I'm not eating enough calories - which I know is probably true. I have been eating way less than I should. I do need to do better in that department - I skipped a few breakfasts - which I know is a big NO NO!

I also need to eat a little pre-workout snack....half way through working out I feel ehhhh and run down - I get un-motivated, and I'm starving and want to quit. I think I'll start eating something like a 1/2 pb sandwich. What do you guys think? Maybe a protein bar or something like that.

Anyway - we are still at it, and I'm still loving it!! I've been drinking more water (No diet soda's this week at all!) And I love me some Diet Pepsi ahhhhhhh

I do really feel good - I know this is a very good thing, and I am so happy my hubby and I are doing this together!! It really does mean so much - and it does help!! I'm glad I have his love and support behind me!!!