Thursday, February 4, 2010

Risin' up, back on the street......

Yea yea...this is going to be my theme song ;-)

The hubs and I did our weigh-in this wasn't really what I wanted or expected ~sigh~ I lost a whopping .4 lbs and he lost 4 lbs. (I blame water-weight gain for my lapse) It's so not fair (whhaaa whhaaaa) Ok it's my pity party.... :-)

It sort of depressed me a little - I have been eating really good and working out just about every I don't/didn't understand. The hubs told me I'm not eating enough calories - which I know is probably true. I have been eating way less than I should. I do need to do better in that department - I skipped a few breakfasts - which I know is a big NO NO!

I also need to eat a little pre-workout snack....half way through working out I feel ehhhh and run down - I get un-motivated, and I'm starving and want to quit. I think I'll start eating something like a 1/2 pb sandwich. What do you guys think? Maybe a protein bar or something like that.

Anyway - we are still at it, and I'm still loving it!! I've been drinking more water (No diet soda's this week at all!) And I love me some Diet Pepsi ahhhhhhh

I do really feel good - I know this is a very good thing, and I am so happy my hubby and I are doing this together!! It really does mean so much - and it does help!! I'm glad I have his love and support behind me!!!


Lindsey said...

Keep on keeping on! This just means next week will be a big drop! Keep rockin' it out!

Abbi said...

go sissy!! keep it up! you're doing great!!! stay positive!! love you!

Katie said...

Keep up the good work!