Sunday, November 23, 2008

Invasion of the..........

Off to bed with our 3 little angels (with horns - they hold the halo's up right?). My oldest McKenna had a friend sleep over last night...they are off to "bed" - well they were in McKenna's room at any rate.

We get the other two to bed *cough cough*. Braxton has had a bad cough...we let him lay on the couch - it's been pretty bad. He was to the point where he was almost throwing up. and 'daddy' slip off to bed. Well Braxton wakes up - coughing, we let him come get in bed with us. Well.........not an hour later here comes the pidder padder of two little feet "momma I want to get in you bed". She goes to daddy's side....and he puts her in bed with us too. He gets the right the left.

This is nothing new to us.....Brylee sneaks into bed with us EVERY night. Oh say around 2ish. She comes darting into our room - "I want to sleep in you bed". So rather than the hassle of going back and forth every hour on the hour...we give in - YES I KNOW THIS IS BAD - I do not care I need some sleep. As soon as that head hits the pillow she is out. What is it about mommy and daddy's bed that is so magical?

Here is the - Invasion of the bed snatchers!!

You see that what is it - 6 inches behind Brylee's tiny hiny?? That is where daddy sleeps every night. Now my hubby is 6'6".....and is rather "buff"...and yes he sleeps on that much bed every night. Brylee is the Queen of our Queen. Yes...this is how they slept between me and daddy last night..comfy right? ROOTERS!

Daddy slipped back in bed this morning - on mommy's nice big side of the bed ( I get more room poor daddy) :-)

Don't let those sweet little faces fool you...they are dangerous weapons...weapons of mass destruction!!!!


MiMi said...

Oh my goodness! I remember THOSE days! I had 3 children all 2 years apart in age. That's why when my little granddaughter spends the night, she stays in "her room" --not ours. We're not starting that again! LOL

Thank you so much for following my blog.

I hope ya'll can get some sleep tonight before the bed snatchers arrive! Have a great week!

Abbi said...

oh sissy, i do love and admire the mom you are!
got to love those two!!
i love you