Sunday, January 17, 2010


Me and this AWESOME fella right here are doing some changes :-) Good one's. I know everyone goes on that "healthy" kick right at the new year, but he and I have both agreed to do this together - Get Healthy!!
We are eating better, and working out together. I have to say that I'm loving it. We actually started on "Biggest Loser" night - we even weighed in (I didn't like what I saw). We are going to do this weekly - same time. Even though I DO NOT like weighing at night - ugghhh have to weigh in with what I've eaten that day, makes me feel that much BIGGER!!
I know for having 3 kiddos I'm not huge by all means, but I'm not any where near where I would like to be!! I don't really think it's about 'weight'...(though I have a poundage I'd like to be), but it's about how I want to look and feel. I have my goal set in place. I am actually thinking about starting a food blog and following my progress - like there isn't enough food blogs out there (which I'm OBESSED with)...but I think this will be something great to keep up with.
Just to add - I use a website - it helps you track calories/exercise. It is pretty awesome!!
On another note of changes - my hubby and I agreed we need to show each other a little more attention. MY hubby is one of the most awesome dads and husbands (all ready), but I have to say he has kicked it up a notch. I am LOVING it. I'm getting even MORE attention than he was giving me.
When you have children, it's always about them - I know I have neglected on my part that is for sure. I have realized I have to put more into my husband. Jerimy has always been the more thoughtful one - he really does listen to what I say, and surprises me with things. I'm more the wordy one. I need to pay more attention to his wants (and needs).
We have been more attentive - more sweet little texts - telling each other more how we feel, being more "lovey". I have been absolutely cheesy with delight!!
I think more people need to do that - reflect back when you and your special someone were first together, how it was.
Jerimy has really showed me a lot - he is really a wonderful man. I do not know what I would do without him. I feel like we've gotten that much closer. I love him more and more every day. He still makes my heart flutter. I am SO thankful Jerimy is in my life, and so very blessed.
I am excited he and I are on this journey together - making our marriage that much stronger. Making our lives healthy - Physically and mentally.
I truly do love my life. Thank God He sent me that special person that I can share my everything with.


Abbi said...

i love you sissy!!
i'm sooo happy for you and yall's new changes!!

Lindsey said...

Aww you guys are seriously so CUTE! I love that guys are doing this together! Garth and I are too and it makes it SO much easier!

Jill said...

Sounds like y'all are making some great changes! I'm impressed with the working out and eating healthy. Keep us posted. It's motivating.