Friday, June 11, 2010

~Don't be aaaaahhhhh Tummmmmble weeeed~

HOWDY Partners!!!

First I want to give you guys a little bit of an update on the 'weight' front. I have lost a total of 25 lbs WOOT! BUT I have lost more inches than anything - possibly gaining some muskles ;-) I fit into my 'goal' pants....and now they are getting very lose on me!! But I'm really not losing any more there comes in the losing inches. I'm EXTREMELY happy with my progress.

I can now Bench Press a whopping 95 lbs - BIG feet!! I cannot quite get that 100...I get half-way up and get stuck and Yell for the hubby to come help. I'm still working out about 5 days a week and I'm still loving it.

NOW on to other things......this coming up week is our VBS!!! Saddle Ridge Ranch!! I'm sure most churches are doing this theme. I'm doing crafts again this year (this is the most fun job!).

The kiddos and I went up and decorated our room....I have the biggest because I have to handle all the kids coming through.

Here we go:

We have the train in our room from a previous I used that in part of our theme - I made the Saddle Ridge Train Depot!!

Made a fence...put in some catus'

I took pictures of all the teachers and made "wanted" are the girls - I also made new signs for the restrooms (cowgirls/cowboys).

Another view of the room....put the tables in a 'horse shoe' shape'. I also hung red and blue cowboy hates from the ceiling.

Another view of the Train Station...made a window for the ticket booth ;-)
I cannot wait...I love VBS!!!!!! Head'em up...Move'em out!!!!

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Abbi said...

ames...i'm SOOOOO proud of you! you look great!!! and 95lbs???!!!! dang girl!!
aw..vbs stuff looks great! i know yall are having a blast!