Monday, March 9, 2009

Taaaake me out to the baaaalllll game ..............

We had a pretty good weekend - Friday night we grilled with the in-laws ....yummy steak. Saturday me and the kiddos (minus McKenna, she stayed at grammy and grandaddy's) went with germs to his softball tourney in Jessup. It was a beautiful day - the had a play ground and we had nice 80+ degree weather!!!!

The fella's before a game

Braxton patiently waiting for daddy to back into the dugout so he could go dig in the dirt

Brylee having some fun

Braxton and Brylee having a blast

Bry taking a turn at tee ball

Brax taking a swing

It was a lot of fun!! 'Cept.......with me sitting under those pine tree's...and sitting in a cloud of dust that my son stirred up............I ended up with a wonderful sinus headache..which made me very nausated. I ended up in bed on Sunday - still sick. I pretty much layed around all day. The kiddos went to church with I had the house to myself most of the day. I started feeling better that evening...and feeling much better today. Thank goodness...I hate when I get bad sinus headaches...they make me sick all over!!!!
So anyway that was my weekend - over all it was very nice!!!! I enjoyed the time with the fam!


Abbi said...

i'm sorry you felt bad!! glad your feeling better!
that was a nice little park at the feild!! i'm sure it kept the entertained!!
love u!

The Polka Dotted Owl said...

Sorry you had a nasty sinus headache! Everyone else look liked they had some Saturday fun!

Mmmm...i miss some good ol' home grilled steak!!

Misseco: I miss eco-friendly dorks trying to warn us about the melting ice caps. No not really, but I only had one cup of coffee!!!

Mandy Rose said...

Looks like fun! I can't wait till P is playing ball!