Monday, March 23, 2009

Five little ducks went out one day.......

Well I've been a slacker - I know this comes as a shock!!! It's just been so hectic in my part of the world (yea like it's not in yours).

Friday - I was off work...Braxton had a field trip, I let him skip it - it was just a kids day thing...and I kept Brylee home from daycare - we took a trip to Hilly to visit my family, and I got my hair did my my most awesomeness of a sister Abbi!!! She always does such a wonderful job on my hair!!! She is the bestest sister EVA!!! We had a good afternoon visiting and letting the kiddos play.

Friday night we really didn't do much - the hubs and I hung with the kiddos.

Saturday I had to work, we had the Wild Azalea Festival at my job/work. It was really nice - they have lots of music, crafts...and yummy food! Can't beat that. I don't mind working these events at all...I love people watching - you get to see so many ummmmmmmm 'different' people. My fav is the Florida Folk Festival - hee hee hee........loves it, I really get to people watch. I get to do the registration, so all Vendors, entertainers and volunteers have to check in with me :-)

Sunday was our typical Sunday, go to church, and have a yummalish lunch with the in-laws. I ended up taking the kiddo's to the Lake (Germs had softball practice) to feed the ducks. We stopped and bought a loaf of bread..........and then the fun began:

McKenna and Braxton feeding the ducks (and seagulls...they attacked). I have to add this is Braxton's MOST Favorite shirt......he loves this shirt.

Brylee wasn't too happy, the ducks would "come" to her

McKenna was worried they were going to attack her head

Brylee really gets into it.

See Brylee here...she is telling the duck what to do "COME here!"
We had a really good time - the kiddos enjoy going to the Lake - Germs usually takes them when I have to work on Sunday - this time was my turn :-) The weather was beautiful!!!
Please be in prayer for Stellan - he is back in the hospital....Mckmamma and her family could use our prayers. Visit her site - My Charming Kids for updates.


Lindsey said...

Aww love the pics!! How fun!

The Polka Dotted Owl said...

your children are soo adorable:) I lover her skirt too!

I miss going to the festivals! We always try to attend a couple of azeleas festivals around Alabama. It is kind of a dorkie tradition for mom, dad, and me, but I love it!

Glad y'all had a great weekend. I never noticed before that your hubby's name is germs! Lol!!!

Rachel said...

Great pictures - I love your big family!!

Thanks for your comment...some days I feel like I am going to lose my mind if we don't sleep through the night!!! My husband and I laugh that anytime he tries to sleep in we are going to yell at him just like he does us =)! Shane wants to go in his room and yell "Your BED!!!".

The Polka Dotted Owl said...

you have been tagged!!!

Jill said...

Glad you had a good weekend. Pretty pics of the kids feeding the ducks by the lake.

P.S. I didn't realize Abbi was your sister! How fun!

Katie Lake said...

I love the pictures you post of your kids! Your little family is always doing something super fun!

So Cleveland is near Chattanooga about 3 hours south of me, I'm up in the NE corner of the state. My momma used to be a minister in Cleveland when she was finishing seminary at Emory in Atlanta.