Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pack it up, pack it in...let me begin - I came to win ( JUMP JUMP)

Ms. Heels from A balancing Act in Heels is having a give-away .... for her 100th post!!!! What's she giving away? Well........I'm glad you asked - this is it:

1) Not 1, but 2 Spring 09 Scarves from Michael Stars! [Adore his new accessories line!]
2) "Dance" Walligraphy by Danielson Designs
3) A Set of Notecards [The birdies are adorable!]
4) Yankee Candle in "Vanilla Lime"
5) And everything will come in this cute basket, ready for Easter!

You need to check out her blog - it's really cute and a FUN read!!! It's a Spring Give-Away...JUMPJUMP - you'll see what I'm talking about ;-)


Seeing how it's Wednesday - and they tend to be "WORDLESS" on most people's blogs..I'm daring to be different today.....and besides - wordless in my household is something that has NO value!

Just kidding - no really I'm not. You know how it is when your child (those who have them) you're always trying to get them to talk..and it's ol' so cute........I just want to for-warn you - once they start - THEY DO NOT STOP!

My girls are the worst - but isn't that how most of us are? We have something to say and my goodness we want someone to listen. My youngest Brylee - she starts from the time she wakes up until she literally closes her eyes - and if you do no acknowledge that sweet little voice - she will put her nose to your nose until you say something :-) I call her my little duckling - she follows me everywhere "momma what'chew dewin?" "momma"..."momma"

I was talking to my sis Abbi (A tid bit of Taylor) about the kiddos this morning. My son HAS to know exactly where you are at all times "MOM, what chew doing?" and I'll answer..then he'll say "OK juz checkin" We have played little tricks on him....sneak to the back door...shut it loudly - you'll hear the paddering of feet bursting through the house...."Who's that?" "Who's HERE?" "MOM?!?!?" "Where you at?" "What was that - I heard that door"

Isn't that horrible? Why would we play tricks on our kiddos? For pure entertainment - ha NEVER!

I think I'm beginning to's something I never ever do ~cough cough~ I took some excedrine I still have a head-ache and it's full of caffine....something that I really need, and I feel like I'm climbing the walls. I had every intention of just posting about Ms. Heels give-away and I got carried away........see how I'm doing it right now? Geez, get a hold of yourself girl.

Ok...I'm stopping myself right here - right now, before I start telling my secrets. Just kidding I don't have those. Well maybe I do have some thing - you guys that don't know me that well. I'm doing it again........Ok lastly can I just say It's a nice sunny 85ish degrees here today!! I am so happy for this weather!!!!!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday Ladies!!!


A Balancing Act in Heels said...

Thanks for entering! "JUMPJUMP" You're too adorable!

Mandy Rose said...

Oh you are cracking me up and I happen to love the rambling!

Are you saying I shouldn't be begging P to start speaking sentences? I'm gonna have to remember your advice the next time I am trying to get him to talk.

Lindsey said...

Haha you crack me up! AND I am so jealous of your weather!

Abbi said...

ames....your soooo funny! i love to hear/read you ramble!!!
isn't that the truth about bry and mckenna!! they do LOVE to talk!! mckenna is full of words!!! i finally told her friday night "mckenna it's time to go to!! love those girls SOOOOOOO much!!

The Polka Dotted Owl said...

Brylee sounds absolutely adorable! Girl I need some one on one with you:( I think it just hit me....