Sunday, March 15, 2009

my bologna has a first name its O-S-C-A-R

Braxton came up to me either Tuesday or Wednesday evening when I got off work, he says "MOM - I've packed my lunch....I'm taking my lunch to school tomorrow" I said "OK honey" He then proceeds to pull me into the kitchen and pulls out this ratty looking brown bag and tells me again that he has packed himself a lunch for school, that he wants to take his lunch tomorrow, again I said OK.

I went and sat on the couch, not thinking twice about big deal Braxton wanted to take his lunch - I thought maybe Jerimy had gotten him something special from the "grocery store" to take to school. (The grocery store in my kiddos eye's is the little gas station - they have to stop by every day after school for a snack when germs picks them up). So I ask germs if he got him something for school...he told me no - he didn't know what I was talking about.

Braxton comes up to me "MOM you want to see what I have for my lunch?" I say sure - he runs in to the kitchen gets his torn little brown bag and brings it into the living room...this it what we have:

Said...brown bag
Contents......Squeeze Kool-aide, fat-free chocolate pudding, apple sauce, and a fork - which looks like he had all ready been eating soemthing off of it........YES a fork (don't laugh...he eats his ice-cream with a fork from time to time)

He was so proud of this lunch.........He packed it himself. He was grinning from ear to ear. I said that is so good honey :-) Yikes - how was I going to get out of this one? I was just hoping he would forget come morning...what would the teacher think of me for sending this for my child for lunch?

Glad you asked because I have another little story about my wonderful PRE-K son. We have to walk him to class every morning - no sissy can NOT do it. Well at the start of the year, Braxton took his lunch - in his batman lunch box, which matched his batman backpack. I made his lunch every night...drew a heart on his napkin with a "I love you" on it. morning I walk in his class and his teacher informed me that Braxton needed lunch money.....I was like uhhh OK (they feed pre-K breakfast) so I thought well he must have to pay for breakfast. So I asked his teacher "OH they pay for breakfast?" she tells me no, this was for lunch. So I asked her - "well uhhh Braxton isn't eating his lunch?" (Not that I mind him buying that would be much easier - just do a lunch bank) She said lunch? Isn't that his snack?

My son has told his teacher that was his snack he was bringing (not lunch) - so at snack time my son was eating his lunch (while all the other kids got a pack of chips/apple/cookies) then turning around and eating LUNCH LUNCH from the cafeteria!!

The teacher told me that she thought it was a little strange - but Braxton was serious that his mom was packing his snacks. She proceeds to tell me they do provide snacks and they are free. I then tell her......UM that was his lunch - not snack.....that I knew they provided snacks (really lady come on!) We both ended up laughing over it...and I said it's OK - it doesn't surprise me. My son was making out like a bandit!!! Needless to say - I didn't "send" his lunch anymore.

I've been told by his teacher like he likes to tell "whoopers" sometimes...she says to me "I think he would make a good writer, he comes up with all kinds of stuff and he is so serious" I told her yes we know.....Yes folks I am scared of what he tells her - the more you listen to him, the more dramic he becomes.

The most resent story was..........I hit Jerimy over the head and Braxton had to call 911. The teacher said well we thought it was a whooper........I said umm yes - we've not had to call 911 (YET). So yes my son loves to tell stories - and he does look very serious...he'll even make all the faces along with it stretching his eyes - at times I even think he is serious. SIGH......what kind of mom does his teacher think I am........probably the type of mom that packs ratty brown bag lunches with applesauce, a fat-free pudding, along with a fork...........that's the kind :-) At this point, I really don't think too much can shock his teacher. This is the lady that runs out "THANK goodness you're here Braxton, we have 3 lizards in our class....I didn't think I was going to make it" Braxton darts off to class to catch the lizards for his teacher.

What would I do without my lizard catching, bug killing, tall telling story teller....dirty nose - I'm a boy-boy, get out of my way I'm coming through son?

I really don't know what'd I'd do because BOYS will be boys, he keeps my life exciting - and I'm loving every minute of it! He is one of my three angels (even though those halo's are sometimes held by horns).


Abbi said...

he's soooo funny amy!!!!
i'll tell everyone about the lunch story all the time!!!!!
too cute!

A Balancing Act in Heels said...

I was reading this yesterday and I was cracking up bad!! Your kids are too stinkin' cute!! Love the story of your son and his "snack"! I, too, have so many funny and embarrassing mommy stories. Oh, the joy of motherhood!! LOL

Lindsey said...


Mandy Rose said...

How funny is Braxton! I love when kids tell stuff that makes us parents look bad! Such a good story! I was smiling all the way through it.

Katie Lake said...

I just remembered you said you are going to be in TN for a wedding soon! What part of TN are you going to be visiting?

The Polka Dotted Owl said...

He sounds so much fun!!! Now that is my kind of lunch:)

Fanul: I am a fan ultimate of your blog!!