Saturday, April 4, 2009

You are an obession, you are my obession

Hello ladies - it's been a while :-) I have been so busy at home and at work. We've really had a hectic time here at work......with all the rain we have been having - the river that I "work" on is going to hit flood stage, so in my line of work - we have had to take to our EAP - Emergency Action Plan. So it has been exciting around here. (I'm not gonna lie I LOVE it). We also had revival this week - which I had fully intended on blogging about (I still may).

OK.....I have this little obession..........I LOVE, and I say LOVE gossip magazines. I just cannot help myself. OH, and it's not just the magazines, it's the online sites as well. I LOVE reading all the juicy little tid-bits about all the celebs. Though I myself wouldn't want to be one, all the stuff they have to go through (some I feel sorry for) to me, it just wouldn't be worth it.

I love reading about the new styles - who's with who now...who's breaking up, what crazy thing is Brit Brit going to pull next (though she seems sane now) I was loving it when she was doing all her pink wig wearing!!!! Awesome stuff!! I love to see what POSH is going to wear. Does anyone else love reading up on this kind of stuff??

Here are a few of the places I like to visit:


This is a fun site to visit - I do check it just about ever day!!

Perez Hilton
This is another fun site - the 'gossip ganster' Yes he makes fun of people - buy hey it's all in fun right?!?!

I love all sorts of magazines...they vary really - which ever one that looks like it has the best 'stuff' in it - I pick it up ;-)

ahhh leave poor Jessica alone - maybe she did gain a few pounds, but it wasn't like she gained 100 or anything......I just think that was a BAD outfit to wear. I actually think a lot of stars are TOO skinny!

Well as you can see I am having a VERY exciting weekend - I have to work.............BUT I am off next week and I cannot wait - VACAY. The kiddos are on Spring Break - and I plan on taking plenty of pictures, and having lots of things to blog about!!!!!

Have a great weekend!


LOOKIE guys need to go over and check out 2 kids a minivan and a lot of love
she is having a cutsie give-away!!!!!


Jaime said...

me me! lol! I love reading all that stuff too! Dean makes fun of me so bad for that!!!

Katie said...

I have to agree. gets me through class and US Weekly is the only reason I go to the gym!

Kelly said...

Thanks. I hope we find a good church too. :)

Abbi said...

you know i LOVE, LOVE gossip magazines!!! we're too much alike!!
love u sissy!

Jill said...

I love me some gossip magazines too! I haven't gotten into the gossip websites yet. Hmmm...