Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Here comes Carolina-lina

First things first............I've gotta give props to The North Carolina Tarheels for becoming 2009 NCAA champs once again!!!! They played a awesome game beating Michigan 89-72. These guys had a awesome season - and played a wonderful Tournament!!!!! The hubs turned me on to NC - that is where he is from. I've become a huge NC Basketball fan. We love to watch college sports. Needless to say during this tournament time it was VERY exciting around my house. Jerimy loves him some NC basketball!!!! I think Roy Williams is one of his heros :-) Go HEELS!!!!!

We went and sawe Monsters Vs Aliens today - wasn't bad, but wasn't one of the best kiddie movies I've seen,and trust me I've seen a ton. All in all........."OK". We also took the kiddos to McDonalds for lunch - and for time on the playground...they had a blast.

It's actually pretty cool out - in the 50's so we put of going to Universal a day. We are heading out tomorrow to go there........we will be there Wed/Thurs - the kiddos are very excited. I have to admit I am too, I love going.


Abbi said...

oh gosh what has jerms done to you....you watch basketball????
hope you guys have fun!!
i love u!!!

The Polka Dotted Owl said...

ummm..can i come?! i actually kinda want to see that movie. it looked like it would be cute and funny. have you seen bolt? i know this is such grown-up girlie talk!!!