Monday, April 27, 2009

I partied like it was my birthday (#1)

I know I've been slacking - but it's been busy at the Thompson Household. It's not actually my birthday's tomorrow. BUT I was off today - because I worked this weekend. I went to Hilly because I was in much need of a root touch up!!!! AS always my lovely sister Abbi hooked me up!!!

My much needed touch-up sissy always does such a good job - this was also a birthday present from her!

Then my mom and my sister hooked me up - mom gave - well rather let me pick out a new purse...and I got some shampoo/conditioner....and Abs told me to pick out something from mom's shop....and I got a necklace and some matching bracelets - I was SO excited!!!!

Also...look what I received in the mail today from Kelly over at Two kids a minivan and a lot of love.
I won a give away that she had - thank you SO much Kelly - the bows are SO cute!!!! They will look adorable in Brylee's hair - can't wait to try them out!! You ladies need to go over and check out her blog!!!!!
SO far - my birthday WEEK is off to a good start!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A Balancing Act said...

Love your hair! What a nice sister and mom you have! Have a wonderful birthday tomorrow!!!

Lindsey said...

Love the hair, it looks fabulous!!!

Mandy Rose said...

Hair is rockin'!! What a great sis you have!! Loving the necklace too! Happy BIRTHDAY (early). :)

Jill said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!!

Love your hair; it looks great! Fun gifts from your mom and sis.

Katie Lake said...

Happy Birthday! Glad your week is starting out so well!

Abbi said...

thanks for the shout out sissy!!!
i do love what you picked out...i guess we do have the same taste b/c i have that!!!
you look hot!!!!!!!
love you very much!!!

Rachel said...

Great hair shot =)! Happy early birthday!!!

Mandy Rose said...


Jenny.Lee said...

Your hair looks awesome! Happy Birthday!!!!

Pop Champagne said...

Congrats on the win! And your hair looks great, Happy Birthday :D