Friday, February 13, 2009

OH sweet Valentine

One more day til the day of LOVE!! Well I have to work tomorrow - oh yes yuckaroooooo!! That is OK though. Last night the kiddos and I got Valentine's ready for their parties today. I got things ready for daycare, pre-K, and school.

Before ..... getting ready

Working soooo hard on those Valentines!! He gets so made if you ask him if he has a girl friend - he'll say "NO, I don't have NO girlfrien"..........his teacher drew a heart on his hand for doing good, we kidded him about it..........he got really mad - I DO not like her, she is NOT my girlfrien!!!!

The girls working hard..........Bry just wanted to eat the candy.

Braxton showing off his handy work

Just had to show this -isn't it cute? I cannot take credit for it, but next year I will be making these. Braxton and Brylee's Sunday School teacher made them...she comes up with the cutest ideas. It's two kisses, a heart for ears...of course you need the eyes, and nose...but so easy and so cute!!!!

mm mmm what is this? Funfetti?? Oh yes how can you go wrong with FUNFETTI? I decided to make cupcakes for McKenna's class - you know 6th graders don't really do the 'kiddie' stuff I thought it would be a nice idea to do this for them.

I did add red food coloring to make them pink/red......oh yes I am soooo creative!! :-)

The finished product...added some little candy hearts - such a master piece!!! hee hee......I'd eat them!!!
Well I hope you ladies have a WONDERFUL day!! I'll be heading out soon, I have to pick up the icecream for Braxton's party. I'll be more than likely posting pics of that later :-) You know the motherly duties - who am I kidding......candy, cake......cookies - icecream...yea twist my arm to be there!!!
Hope you all have a GREAT Valentine's Day - if I don't post again before then!

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Katie Lake said...

I keep seeing all these pictures of cupcakes and cookies but I wonder why I have such a sweet tooth lately. I've been so bad about eating sweets lately - good thing I'm so active ha! Have fun at the party!