Monday, February 2, 2009

Get a pedicure, get your hair did ....

Well....I didn't get a pedicure - but I did get my hair did. I was off work today - first thing I had to do was take the kiddos to the doctor - FUN stuff....taking a 3 and 4 year old to the doc - they both of course had to go potty right when we got there.....sigh - it didn't take us too long. After we got the meds filled we headed off to my mom's salon.

Yes I'm pretty lucky - my mom owns a Beauty Salon, and my sister...My WONDERFUL bestest sissy in the world does my hair. That would be Abbi at A tid bit of Taylor :-) She is so awesome - she has been doing my hair as long as I can remember....I say that because before she EVER thought about going to hair school she and I would cut each others hair, and color it. I never went to a salon..and she didn't either. There was just no need to - we were cool like that! I honestly don't think I would trust anyone else to do my hair. So if you ladies (or gents) ever need your hair did.....I HIGHLY recommend Abbi - she is worth the drive!

We had a wonderful day together - I got to visit with the rents (my dad watched the kiddos while I was at the salon) got to have lunch with mom. It always just makes you feel sooo much better when you get to beautify yourself!!!

Thank you are the bestest ever!!!

Me and Abs.....don't you loooooove my look?!?!? The silver brings out the blue in my eyes.....



Me and the bestest sister in the world!!!!!!!


Katie Lake said...

Your hair looks so good! I wish I live near y'all so Abbi could cut my hair - I am in desperate need of a haircut and my girl disappeared!

Mandy Rose said...

Adorable hair! If I lived closer I would definitely be hitting up Abbi for a cut and color!

Mrs. Bell said...

ahh i love it,,, to cute..

sorry i forgot to say my photog blog address. :)



Thanks you lady..

Have a great week..

Jenn said...

I'd never let anyone touch mine again either! lol I love me some Abster :) Your hair looks beautimous :)

Abbi~ I think I have that same shirt!

Anonymous said...

Ughh so jealous, I wish my bangs behaved like that. So awesome you got spend some grown up girl time with your mom and sis! Yeah totally place me down for an appointment:)

athrersa: I need a drink of water, because I am athrersa?!

Abbi said...

ames i do have to say your the best! A WHOLE BLOG FOR ME!!! your awesome!!! that made me feel soooo good! i love u sooo much! i'm so lucky to have a sister like you!!
love u!