Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hip hop to tha' hippity hop

Ok…I have a confession to make. SIGH – I love infomercials. So you’ll see in my blog shortly the just of my title. Speaking of titles I think I’m going to make each of my titles a lyric or line from a song…or a quote from a movie. I also got another idea from Kristen from “All because of Grace” Take a picture a day – but I’m going to just do a picture of the day (with the exception of the pics that I put into the blog of course), I’ll just put the pic of the day at the bottom.

OK – where was I going with this?? I’m one of those suckers that just gets sucked right into infomercials, I can just sit there and watch and watch – I cannot help myself! DO they give out subliminal messages?? I mean really – Billy Mays – is he attractive? Um I think not, but when that man is on TV I just stop what I’m doing and have eyeballs glued to the tube! OH and they have that new guy now……Vince (Offer I think is he last name I did have to look this up I’m too sucked in if he even says his name) you know him – the SHAMWOW guy! I still like Billy Mays and his oxyclean J But what is it about these things that get me? It’s not like I actually buy anything……….OR DO I??

Here is where my title comes in….oh how ashamed I am. I was on vacay with my hubs Germs – OK, maybe not vacay – he had a softball Tourney out of town and you know what? I went without the kiddos so umm yes it was vacay (I feel like a bad girl). OK at any rate…he was playing late into the night…I went back to our hotel room..and guess what came on right before my eyes?

You got it……..HIP HOP ABS. WOW I mean wow…..(I don’t know if this is really considered infomercially, but it’s sure close enough I’m a sucker for it). Hmmm I thought to myself this looks really intriguing – they are doing exercises and dancing at the same time, which I LOVE to do….mmm dancing. Well I was very very curious about this. How could you go wrong I ask? It wouldn’t feel like you were actually doing any exercise – right? And boy how they worked their abs…I saw it right there – the guy with the awesome 6 pack pointed it out to me. He showed me all the different muscle groups this video worked. AMAZING! I was hooked…..fully hook, line, and the sinker – I wanted this. Germs came back to the room, and I told him all about it, and I wanted to get it – he of course laughed at me. (I of course didn’t get it right then)

I got home…I looked up their website….it was everything I dreamed of – they told me everything the guy did on TV so this must be REAL. I hit “order now”…gave my credit card and placed the order. I tell you, how could I go wrong – I would be exercising and it would not even feel like it, I would be learning the latest, hippest dance moves, and I would be getting that awesome 6 pack at the same time. I think it was a GREAT deal, and it would arrive in just 4 to 6 weeks. Tick tock, tick tock….ummm it still hasn’t arrived. (Germs asks “SOOOO when’s this video thing you ordered coming in” hee hee hee) Tick tock, tick tock….sigh nothing…it has been AT LEAST 6 weeks, I send them a message – I do not hear from them. Grrrrrrrrr – another message…I’m getting more and more angry. Well I check my bank statement………ummm CREDIT – they refunded my money! HOW DARE THEM – I wanted their video…..I wanted to learn their awesome dance moves and get their amazing 6 pack. The nerve! SIGH – I was SO disappointed.

At any rate – I didn’t pursue it any further….I still weep at the loss. I wanted my hip hop abs ~sniff sniff~, and to learn the sweet dance moves that came along with it. IT’S so unfair. How dare they tempt me with this eye candy.

OK….I’m off – until another tempting infomercial comes on…I may have to get me one of those SHAMWOW’s…those boogers look like they really work – I mean really they couldn’t be anything like the shammy’s we used to buy right – these are made of some space aged do-flunky junk right? They do say 10 years!!!! Until another day !!

And my pic of the day goes toooooo: The men in my life - Germs and The Brax man!!

When I didn't think there was a special man to be in my life (besides my dad), God sent me a very special person, a person to love me and treat me the way I wanted to be treated - a year leater he sent me another special guy. I am truly blessed.


Chitown Meg said...

Hip Hop Abs- did they go under or something??? I want that shamwow. As annoying as that guy is......:)

Mandy Rose said...

Hip hop abs....what about P90X? Ohhh how I can so relate to how the infommercials suck you right in! I can't believe they never sent it though! Ugh! How disappointing!

Abbi said...

ames your sooo funny! we're just alike, we'll believe anything or anyone! they suck us right in! or should i sucker us right! maybe that's what attracts us to the weirdo's!!!
love u!