Sunday, January 11, 2009

girl, you looks good won't you back that thang up

My pic for the day goes to: "Girls night out" Becky, Abbi, me, and Tonya our big night out at Olive Garden

You don't get to choose who your sister is, but you get to choose who your friends are. My sister happens to be one of my bestest friends. She has become a very special part of my life - I don't know what I would do without her. I have watched her grow up (literally) - from a little baby unto a grown woman and mother. I had the very special privilage of being in the room with her when she gave birth to her daughter. I feel very honored.

I love my sister - she is one of the best!!!


Mandy Rose said...

Awww that is so sweet! I have always wished I had a sister! You guys are lucky to have eachother!

Abbi said...

ames your awesome!! you know i feel the same about you!! i wouldn't wanted anybody else in that room but you!! your my best friend and my sissy!! you've watched me grow up and also has helped raised me, which makes me the woman(i still feel like a little girl) that i am today! you'll never know how much you mean to me! i love you soooooo much!!

we need to do that again! now that kennedy is older it's a lot easier!
love u

The Polka Dotted Owl said...

Thanks for the comment! Churchill is sweet guy. I have personally found that bulldogs do have a lot of ENERGY, and they need a lot of attention. They are also very protective, but they will love their family to bits! If you have the capability of keeping up with them, a lot time to spend on training them, and have the nostrils for the smell a.k.a gas, then a bulldog will be a great addition to your family! Love your blog!

The Polka Dotted Owl said...

I did not get into star wars when I was much older, but I did grow up with it. I am actually an indiana jones girl at heart. I even had the indiana jones barbie doll or man doll? I do not know which is worse. Poor Indie:)