Saturday, July 4, 2009

It's...peanut butter jelly time....peanut butter jelly time

Yesterday evening we met up with my parents - brother/sister and their families for a family dinner - we went to Boston's. It was such a "PLEASENT" peaceful dinner...........baaahahahahaha You believe that don't ya?!?!?

We had our 3 brother had his little girl, and my sister had hers.........yea quiet!! It went smooth like butta'.........!

Yea this is how my family rolls:

Getting a picture of brother of course trying to cover Abbi's face. Jerimy is coloring with the kids - mind you I forgot to tell him I was taking the pic.

Me and Abbi

Brylee to Kennedy "Climb on up here and jump off like I do - you can do it, you won't get in trouble! I promise"
Kennedy taking Brylee's words to heart "jump jump" And grammy stopping her. That mean grammy!!

My to menz "BOOOOO Duke" Go Tarheels!!

Grammy and Grandaddy with the Girls - Braxton didn't want to take a pic

OK...I saved the best for last...........leave it to Abbi she's rotten, I don't know where she gets it from. And look at mom and dads faces!!! Mom has crazy eyes and looks like a robot...and dad looks like he is yelling over at someone!
Well needless to say we did have a good time! I enjoyed spending time with my family!!! I hope everyone has a fun safe HAPPY 4th!!!!!!!!!!!


Jill said...

Ha Ha... these photos are so funny! Hope y'all have a wonderful and safe July 4th.

Helga Marie said...

fun family pictures! thanks for sharing

Katie said...

Love the pics! Looks like a great time. Also, I love your husband's anti-Duke shirt.

Abbi said...

haha....what a night!! it was fun and stressful all at the same time!!! my!!!
I LOVE THE LAST PIC!! for real, it's my favorite!! you see where i get my personality from?! i get it honest...they can't say i was adopted!!!!!

Lindsey said...

Hahaha these pictures are the cutest! Love it!