Tuesday, June 30, 2009

duh nah nah nah duh nah nah na BATMANNNNNN

My lil' Bry Bry is a VERY unique child. She has her special ways about her. I call her my little pack rat or bag lady. She picks out specific toys/objects that she likes to carry around each day. She picks out something different every afternoon, and that is the object for the next day. She goes to bed with that object in hand - and first thing the next morning she goes for it.

She has special places she puts these little goodies. At first the hubs and I didn't realize she was hiding things........Jerimy went to the 'fridge' one night and there was a bible in there - Jerimy asks me what it is doing in there.......I wasn't sure. Well Brylee gets up the next morning runs to the fridge gets the bible out. This is one of her places she likes to put things. We find all kinds of things in there (nothing gross - YET).

Another places she likes to put things now is under her pillow. These things are never anything big or flashy. It's things like - a keyring flashlight, stuck down in a container - A block - pieces of paper - tablet...things like that. Odd things for that matter. But of course not odd to her, and she has a fit if those things are not in the spot she puts them or if she leaves them at home.

Sunday evening Brylee found Braxton's Batman mask........she wore it all afternoon, and told me she was going to wear it to church that night (she forgot), but she didn't forget Monday morning - Jerimy goes to leave to take them to the sitter and guess what she had on:

She also has to have a "snack" in the morning....see her right hand (2 cookies). She usually doesn't eat the snack....just carries it. My little Bry Bry likes to carry things.....it's very unusal if she doesn't have something in hand.

She's always packing things in containers (playdough, plastic eggs, etc), bags (winn dixie), boxes, purses, backpacks, little carry bags.......and it's always the same ol' thing - unusual...one crayon, 2 plastic forks, a car, paper - etc.........but she ALWAYS remembers what she packs in there.

She is a mess - and she constantly makes me smile :-) The things the kiddos do!!!!


Abbi said...

she is sooo funny!!! love the mask and the Bible in the fridge...love it!!! she is her own person i do have to say that!! i love it!

Katie said...

that is hilarious!

Pamela said...

too funny! she is precious! :)

Le Owl said...

the polka dotted owl is back!

did you miss me?

Cindy said...

She and my niece, Hannah, could get along very well! Too funny!

Jill said...

Awww... how cute and fun! I never thought about storing things in the refrigerator. Good idea!