Saturday, June 20, 2009

Say Yes to vuh vuh vuh VBS!

G'day Mates!!! Well we had VBS this past week - it has been a fun awesome......TIRING week! It has been a blessing though. I along with my kiddos (hubby) had a great time! I am glad it's over - when you work all day, rush home get ready...go up to the church from 6pm - 9pm it makes for a LONG day!!

Our theme this year was Boomerang Express (I know just about everyone's was). I did the crafts this year - it was so much fun!!!! We made: Bracelets (two different kinds), necklaces, sun catchers, boomerangs (two), frisbees, friendship pens, Maps, other hangers, Keychains, Puffy Aussie Art - all the kids seemed to LOVE it!!

I tell you, it was such a blessing working with these kids all week - I was truly touched.

Braxton and Brylee's Class


Braxton and Brylee's Class (Each class performed the last night)

McKenna's Class

Jerimy's class - each night the adults got up on stage with the kids and performed...and they even performed the last night!

The entire VBS group..........this was such a wonderful song!!!!
I hope everyone attends their VBS if they are able too - it is so awesome and amazing!!!


Mrs. Bell said...

we are doing the same one in july, cant wait!! :)

Abbi said...

LOVE all the decor!!! only you my sissy is that good!!!
that's soooo funny about jerms on stage! i wish i could've seen that!

Jill said...

FUN... I want to do crafts at VBS. Maybe I'll volunteer at my new church in San Antonio this summer.