Thursday, July 16, 2009

All the women who are independant throw your hands at me..........

Ok - I try to think I'm pretty independant...I like to do a lot of things myself, I think I'm a pretty strong "WOMAN". I don't think I'm a scared little girly girl.

Well the beginning of this week sure proved me wrong.

My hubby ended up having to go out of town for his job on Sunday afternoon, and was going to be gone until Tuesday possibly Wednesday. Not only was he going out of town, but my oldest daughter was going off to Youth Camp.

I thought humph I can do this - I'm not going to be a big and the other two will be just fine. Mind you I'm the type that hears a noise at night...wakes the hubby up to go inspect the house. The hubs told me he would feel a lot better if me and the younder one's stayed at his folks house. I have to say - we do live out in the REAL street lights. I told him we MIGHT...but I wanted to try Sunday night out to see how it went. (Deep down I was nervous, but you know I wasn't going to say anything......NO WAY!)

WELL - Sunday he got off....McKenna stayed with a friend that was going to camp - they were leaving at 3:30 am - and I really really didn't want to have to get the little one's up at that hour and take her, so our wonderful youth director let her stay with her. After church, I went to the in-laws for dinner.........Braxton SOLD ME OUT!!! He ended up staying....that left just me and little Brylee!! OK - I'm not scared I'm not worried....I'm a strong independant woman for goodness sake!!!

We went home.........she turned on every light in the house.........not me! She came up to me asked me to turn on sissy's TV too because she was skreed......Brylee tells us she is skreed of everything - "I can't mom I'm skreeeed". I have to admit, I was a little 'skreed' too.

She and I went to bed.....not before I turned on the back bathroom light and fan....along with the back door light.........and the fan on in our bathroom - gotta drown out ANY possible noise what-so-ever! I did leave the tv on for a while...then decided OK can do this........and I turned off the TV. I only jumped up in bed mmmmm maybe 5 times that night.

SIGH...needless to say - I called Mr. Ron the next day and informed him I would be staying at his house that night...he just laughed of course. So me and the Kiddos stayed over there Monday and Tuesday night - it was nice, but I didn't get much sleep at all.....I wanted my bed and my hubby beside me - Brylee rooting up next to me isn't the same as me rooting up next to the hubs.

I missed him terribly. We have stayed apart before, but it just feels like it gets worse. I guess the longer you're together...the harder it is to spend time apart. I was beyond excited to see him when he came home last night.......!!! I guess this sort of thing makes you really appreciate what you have with your husband. Nothing beats going to nighty night.....and the room being ice cold and your hubby scooching up behind just feels RIGHT!

ahhhh how I missed that man - I have to say I just absolutely adore and love my husband - he is the protecter of our house....and I feel so safe and blessed when he is with me.


Abbi said...

first of all, i'm soooo proud of you for stay home alone!!! high five!!!!
you know i do the same thing with the!!
your sooo independant now, i'm expecting more things from you!!!
love you!

Jill said...

Awww... cute story. The skreed part is cracking me up. We've all had "skreed" moments.

A Balancing Act said...

You're too cute trying to act all tough and independent! How sweet that you need your husband to feel safe! See...those husbands are good for a couple things! ;)

And I agree with Jill. I was totally laughing out loud with I read the "skreed" part. So darn adorable!

Lindsey said...

Awww so cute!!! You crack me up!

Lindsey said...

Awww what a cute story, haha!!