Sunday, November 1, 2009

They're creepy and they're kooooky.....

Well - it's been a while since I've done other blogging than doing my love dare - which happens to be ending this week. I have to say it's been really nice - we've enjoyed doing it, and learned a lot.

We had a very busy weekend......well - the kids did anyway :-)

Friday night we took them out to Big Shoals State Park...they had a Halloween-fest. It was lots of fun!! They had treats/candy....a petting zoo, bon fire, scavenger hung, pumpkin carving, a hike, PiƱata...and a costume contest - which all three of my kiddos placed in.

They had 3 categories - prettiest, most Original, and funniest. Brylee won 1st in prettiest, Braxton got 2nd in most original, and McKenna got 1st in funniest. (which she was) She had on one of her dad's shirts, and my pants.....a gold grill - she was soooo gansta' LOL.

Saturday the kiddos went with there Nanny to see "where the wild things are", and that night we took them trick or treating...we went all over...and to the mall - they had trick or treating there..and then to the fire station/police department...they had tons there - then went out to eat - there was a place serving kids free if they were dressed up (we had one WILD night!). McKenna missed out on Saturday nights festivities...she had a birthday/halloween party to go to - ohhhh someone was tooooo old for our little outing ;-).

Spider Brax
My purple butterfly

M - skizzle yo yo (LOL)


My little butterfly

dun nun nun nun nunna nunnnnnn


1st - Prettiest

2nd Most Original

1st - little gansta thug

Hope everyone had fun!

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Katie said...

LOVE the costumes!! So adorable!